Ubuntu 11.04 Leaves Something to be Desired: Revisited

[Note added on 31 May: Ubuntu 11.04 is working well now.  It is nicer than 10.10, except for the default desktop of Unity.  Once I tweaked the default to legacy ubuntu, it has been working quite well.]

The current highly touted release of Ubuntu, Natty Narwhal, leaves me at a loss. So far, in about a day of floundering around, I am back to the level of a third grader. (Will my son figure this out?) Nothing makes any sense, except perhaps to either a complete neophyte or a windoze user. It beggars belief that GNU/Linux has come to this.


  1. ? Looked unique and interesting
  2. Libre Office is standard (though I eschew office apps)
  3. Lots of software easily installed
  4. Very nice installer, best ever, even downloading while one is filling in and selecting setup info.  Cool.  Functional timezone selector.
  5. As usual, the software selection is humoungous, the installs are polished, not broken, and I am used to Ubuntu doing the heavy lifting for me—otherwise, I’d be using the BEST distro—Gentoo.


  1. Though many packages are installed, who could find them?  ESPECIALLY neophytes who might want to browse and forage.
  2. It takes several keystrokes to start even a terminal (F@#O$@#!!!)
  3. It’s impossible to intuitively set up a launcher icon
  4. Can’t find any way to set up window behavior
  5. When I finally tried Gnome3, as HOWTOed on the Inet, it was even less facile, and the install broke the default Unity interface entirely, apparently for all time.
  6. No panel.  I started to really like panels, and I despise the Windoze model of strewing icons all over the desktop, that should be like a REAL desk—piled up with work (layers and layers of open frames).
  7. OS/X-like, the widgets on the window top frame are found on the top of the desktop, on a bar.   Dumb.
  8. Frustration and anxiety.
  9. This is no longer the GNU/Linux I know and love, but the vision of madmen.

About lngndvs

I am a teacher / biologist with eclectic interests.
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