New Laptop

[This is the second time I have had to eat crow after railing about a computer issue.  This is the corollary of explaining the problem to a mechanic, and your car refuses to exhibit the symptoms you had wanted to call attention to.  Perhaps it’s even more closely correlated with the times I have written a long report to a mailing list of Gentoo or Ubuntu, or some software package like Lilypond, when only after posting the tirade or complaint, the solution occurs, as if by magic.  This is what has happened.  See the next post. ]

[Let me strike out this message and state that I will too purchase another HP produce, probably a printer.  Although I am none to pleased about the scam that HP foists upon the consumers, of pricing consumables higher than the sky.  I still think that HP has drunk the koolaid of micro$oft.]

I bought a new laptop: an HP Pavilion G6, at Best Buy.  The price was good, the feature set looks excellent for the price, under 450.00.  WAY better than any netbook.  500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 2.4 GHz, good laptop speakers, 15+ inch display (albeit long form factor).   Perfect.  NOT!!!

I have had some problems with HP, but the quality of products is good.  HP hired Eric Raymond some years ago to work on making HP Printers more friendly for GNU/Linux.  Should work ok, yeah?  NOT!!!!

First, the BIOS, as I eventually figured out, is crippled.  HP’s splash screen wraps around the boot process, and HP-ifies the whole thing.   It took two days to get a CD to boot.  It was tricky and I cannot even explain what the trick was that worked.  I think I had to interrupt the boot process, and about one in two or on in three times, the boot would pick up the CD.

Eventually, I had GNU/Linux: Ubuntu 11.04 (which has grown on me) running, with a dual boot to the windoze premium home edition and Ubuntu (default).  But it goes through an HP splash screen.  Highly commoditized/proprietized.  Cool, eh?  NOT!!!

Wireless is a nightmare.  I’ve been working on it for more than four days at this point.  I have compiled the Linux driver using two or three different instructions, and tried a bunch of suggestions, but still haven’t gotten it to work.


I have been able to work on the system over the ethernet connection, but at our current hotel, there is no ethernet port, only wireless, so I have been switch-booting between windoze and GNU/Linux, to download and install packages, and try to get messages out and google this issue.  Somebody got it to work.  Maybe I made some stupid mistake during these several days of buggering around with it…

[That’s the truth!]

I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP computer.   My brother says there printer drivers have given him fits, that the code is terrible.

HP has drunk the M$ lemonade, I think.

  My nephew  did mention that the “consumer” models are likely to give these problems.  This sheds light on the problem, in some scary way.  Why would it be acceptable to run GNU/Linux over Windows on a virtual machine?

Let me reiterate: I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP COMPUTER.  I’ll think twice next time I buy an HP printer.


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