Success and a new Stamp of Approval.

[Note to myself: how does one eat crow?  Should I delete the previous post?  Edit it?  Or leave it as is, and start a new post to refute my own posting?]

In my last posting, I was waxing bitterly upon the problems I had faced with my new HP Pavilion G6.  The price was right, the feature set is awesome.  I just couldn’t get certain things to work.  In particular: wireless networking was a bust.  And the mouse pointer jumps around randomly at the least appropriate times.

The first problem has now been solved, with the help of Mr. Google, and some really kind-hearted people on, for the most part, the Ubuntu Forums.   I copied the wrong file to the /etc/Wireless directory, resulting in failure of the wireless system.

In fact,  Ralink supports their products with drivers, and numerous knowledgeable and skilled humans on the Internet have once again proven that it is not necessary for a Billion Dollar Corporation to charge hundreds of dollars, to produce a fine operating system.  The story is so cool: programmers writing code for themselves, and offering to help others with their code, and even improving or changing it to contribute to the betterment of mankind.  [Why do people not see this?  I guess it’s like asking, why would anyone choose to bury his head in the sand and disbelieve that humans have laid the Earth to waste, for his own comfort, at the expense of not only all others, but also of his progeny, for all time…


Perhaps I will just delete that earlier post?   Later.

Another problem has been solved, leaving me with a smile to warm the cockles of my heart:


The problem is obvious to many who have used a laptop: you are typing, and the mouse jumps all over the screen, because your wrists or palms are resting on or brushing across the synaptics trackpad on front of the keyboard.

I never got used to these pads.  They are a good idea, I guess.   The first thing I did after choosing my laptop was to select a mouse, a USB Wireless mouse.  It works fine.  I’ve spent days trying to solve the problem of disabling the trackpad.  For one thing, I could remove the drivers.  However, at some point, I am going to be in a coffee house, trying to type, having forgotten my mouse.  I might have use for the trackpad at that point.

Somebody comes to the rescue.  It caused me to laugh, after installing  touchpad indicator.  This is an indicator applet that sits on the gnome panel (possibly unavailable in Unity?).   The explanation is found here.  NOTE: a checkbox in the preferences (after starting up) allows me to specify Disable touchpad when mouse plugged.   This is extremely cool…   I give it my Stamp of Approval.

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I am a teacher / biologist with eclectic interests.
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